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Letter: Skewed facts on abortion

The April 25 “Hard questions on abortion” letter to the editor says: “A woman has a right, and a say on what she decides to do with her body, and like it or not, the decision is hers.”

The problem with that statement is that the fetus (child) inside her body is not her body; put a sample of tissue from that fetus through a DNA sequencer and it will tell you that there is somebody else residing in her body. So how do you justify killing someone who has not committed a crime?

He goes on to say: “When abortion was illegal, many women died from back-alley abortions…” There is a list put out by Life Dynamics of 347 women killed by abortionists after the act was legalized, check it out. Those are just the fully verified ones; there are lots more but reporting has been skewed in favor of the abortion industry.

Phil Drietz Delhi