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Letter: The DFL’s successful record

Minnesota Democrats made astounding progress for middle-class families during the last two years by creating an economy that works better for everyone. They led the way on leveling the economic playing field for women. They raised the minimum wage to lift hardworking families out of poverty. They made taxes fair and prioritized tax relief for one million parents, students and seniors.

Under DFL leadership, Minnesota is once again the state that works. The evidence is clear. We’ve recovered all jobs lost to the recession. We’ve got a billion-dollar surplus. Property taxes are down. Our economy is the fifth fastest growing in the nation. Even Forbes says we’re the eighth best state for doing business.

That’s what progress looks like with DFL leaders like Gov. Mark Dayton and Rep. Mary Sawatzky. They know that valuing hard work, education and fairness creates more prosperity. Let’s give them a chance to continue moving Minnesota forward.

Kevin R. Olson