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Letter: No need for low-income homes

It is amazing to me what can change the mind of our mayor, few of our councilmen, and our planning commissioners. As I drive west on Richland Avenue from 15th Street Southwest, I look at the lovely single-family homes built there; and yup, in the middle of them they are going to tuck in and build some low-income housing called "Westwind Estates."

Have any of the commissioners really looked at the land or does the money look too good? Oh, but it is government money -- excuse me, that's our money, yours and mine and the people who built those houses and pay taxes. It is not a racist comment, it is about land use. If someone would want to build million-dollar condos there, it would not be right -- but then they would be smarter and know that it would not fit and work with single-family homes.

When the people built those homes at the end of 22nd Avenue and 23rd Avenue, they were told there would be two more homes built east of them and then a street and also a park. What happened? I heard that there was one councilman that should have abstained because of his employer. With the information from Steve Renquist's statement in a church meeting, he said the average income in Willmar was $50,000. Then what is the need for low-income housing anyway? Seems money sure does talk!