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Letter: Obama and his promises

In the Sept.15 edition of the West Central Tribune, you printed a letter to the editor that accused John McCain of saying or doing anything in order to get elected.

It is actually Barack Obama who is guilty of that.

Because of his charismatic personality, fine speeches and promises of change, Obama misleads many.

While in the Illinois Senate, Obama blocked that state's Born Alive Infants Protection Act which provides for babies born alive through botched abortions to be kept alive. He voted against that bill four times. When he was interviewed about doing that, he denied it, saying that he has two young daughters, why would he support infanticide?

When addressing pro-life groups, Obama distorts his extreme abortion views. To learn how his abortion views compare to McCain's pro-life views, go to

When addressing hunters, he denies favoring taking guns away from all citizens.

He promised to abide by presidential campaign spending limits and then reversed his pledge.

He avoids talking about friends he's had such as Tony Rezko (indicted for fraud and a kickback scheme) and William Ayers, a domestic terrorist proud of his group's 25 bombings in the 1970s and 1980s in the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. To learn more, go to

Obama's glorified government-run health care would create more problems.

It is also ludicrous to believe, as the letter writer does, that Obama has better solutions for the economy.

Obama says he favors tax breaks for the poor and middle class but would let the Bush tax cuts expire, resulting in a $1.4 trillion tax increase. Those tax cuts were helping the poor and middle class. $800 billion of more government programs has been proposed by Democrats, requiring more taxes. While in the U.S. Senate, Obama voted 94 times for higher taxes. Overtaxing poses a serious threat to our economy. Obama's raising taxes on businesses, for example, would cripple their ability to create more jobs.

John McCain's idea of reducing the size of the federal government, reducing spending and keeping the Bush tax cuts makes a lot more sense.

Evelyn A. Guggisberg