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Letter: Opinion

On Friday, Sept. 26, I was driving home from work in Olivia on U.S. Highway 71. The time was about 5:10 p.m. and I was going south. In the distance, I noticed a vehicle in my lane, driving north, attempting to pass another vehicle.

The educated driver with an ego decided not to go back into his own lane, but thought it would be a great display of superior intelligence to cross my lane and drive on the shoulder of the road -- thus putting me in the middle of two northbound vehicles. Since I was doing nothing wrong, the only chance I had to survive a horrible accident was to hold my lane. As both vehicles went by me, I checked my rearview mirror and the person who was being passed had to hit his brakes in order to let the educated one back into the normal flow of traffic.

More than once, I drive through Danube, and more than once I am passed in a 30 mph speed zone. I then turn at the corner of Highway 212 and County Road 21, and I am always passed on the right. At this intersection, this is illegal. At the intersection of County Road 4 and County Road 1, a scene of numerous accidents, I always see vehicles fail to obey the stop sign.

I have lost two family members, one of which occurred this past summer. My family, along with all other families in our area, doesn't need a loss to happen because of senseless, careless and foolish actions of others.

Jeanette Muetzel