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Have faith and trust in future

This is in reply to Dr. Napgezek's letter to the editor and his fear of the future. Are you fearing too much? I would say so, if it is keeping you awake at night.

According to the statistics you gave, there is a 37 percent chance for melanoma to spread but that leaves a 63 percent chance that it will not. Those are really pretty good odds and odds that you should share with your patients.

I speak with some experience, having survived for 33 years from that diagnosis in my lymph system and one of the best treatment advice to be given to me was to encourage me and my family to have faith and trust in the future. Those 33 years would have seemed long for me if I had not stepped forward and taken a few offices myself.

Rest well, doctor, as God holds the future and not the American voters who have been witness to a "way too long" political season.

Arlene Norby