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Beware of large dairy proposal

As a resident of Colorado and part-resident of Willmar, I noted a recent article published in the West Central Tribune regarding plans to build a 5,000-head dairy near the city limits of Willmar.

If the residents of Willmar could all see a similar cow confinement operated by Con-Agra near the city of Greeley, Colo., they would probably be rioting in the streets in opposition to such an operation in their back yard.

The prevailing winds suggest that Willmar residents better get ready for changes in the quality of air they breathe.

The increase in noise and congestion from a continuous stream of milk trucks, feed trucks, manure trucks and supply trucks will be a significant adjustment.

Residents in the surrounding area better prepare to drill new wells as the water consumption on an operation of this magnitude will have a significant impact on ground water levels.

One wonders how many small family farmers who operate family-sized dairy herds will be displaced by such an operation.

Wall Street is not the only place that corporate greed is affecting the lives of people.

Norman F. Tempel