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Throw the GOP bums out

Judgment Day is at hand. Election Day is the one day when we, the people, can and must hold elected officials accountable for the state of the nation. We are at one of the lowest points in our nation's history. Almost everyone believes that we are headed in the wrong direction.

The U.S. is in the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. We are deeply in debt to Communist China. We are dependent on hostile countries for energy. So, who shall we hold responsible? Republicans and Republican philosophy have been in the driver's seat for the past eight years. Consider the financial crisis. All of the top officials charged with overseeing the banks, the stock markets, and monetary policy are Republicans appointed by the Republican president.

The Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board, and the SEC are all controlled by Republicans appointed by President Bush. They followed the Republican belief that the markets can regulate themselves. That has been John McCain's position in his 26 years in Washington. Now that the hands-off approach has caused a financial crisis, those same Republicans, including McCain, are calling for a taxpayer bailout.

John McCain is a conservative Republican who enthusiastically supports the idea that financial markets can regulate themselves. He was and is a big fan of Bush's unilateral rush to war in Iraq based on false information that has cost this country so dearly in blood, treasure, moral standing, and power.

His mind is stuck in Vietnam, and he is trying to re-fight that war in Iraq. He now favors even larger tax cuts for the wealthiest, including all those bank robbers in business suits who looted the banks. His typically Republican medical insurance plan is a boondoggle for the insurance companies that results in a net increase in the cost of health insurance for many. McCain is rhetorically running away from Bush and the Republican label as fast as he can, but he is virtually a Bush clone in his policy positions.

Don't be fooled again by the Republicans. Throw the bums out. Vote for Obama-Biden.

John H. Burns