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Save Minnesota's water quality

Are Minnesota waters clean? Ten percent have been tested and 40 percent of those waters are polluted. Why don't we test them all and clean them up? There's no money!

I was glad to see the Oct. 6 West Central Tribune article on the upcoming vote Nov. 4 on dedicated funding for clean water. It is disappointing to see the illogical reasons given by opponents of this amendment to our constitution.

Kevin Papp feels clean water should be the job of government -- "that's why we elect legislators, to take care of this." Well, Kevin, right now we have nearly 100 Minnesota cities that have no sewage treatment plants. They release untreated sewage directly into our state's waters. Regulations have been in place since 1972 to stop this practice. Legislators haven't done their job! It's been 36 years, Kevin; how much longer should we wait?

Phil Krinkie, Taxpayers League, says the only people benefiting from the amendment will be the 300-plus groups proposing the amendment. That's a strange, uneducated view. One would think that Krinkie would benefit from clean rivers?

Over the last 10 years the per capita spending by Minnesotans on the environment has dropped from $2 to $1 according to DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten. Elitists will say that's a problem for the tree huggers, not the rest of us. I say, what do they have against trees?

Our surroundings, our environment, have allowed the human race to thrive. We are fouling our beds and it's time everyone steps up and takes responsibility for our acts by voting to clean up our beds. It will cost the average family about $1 per week.

Our state has a budget deficit. To fund programs Peter is robbed to pay Paul. Peter and Paul both have their property taxes increased. The money you pay into dedicated funding will not replace existing funding, it will supplement existing funding.

There is federal money available for cleaning up our water but first we have to have a clean-up plan. That takes money. Please help!

Graden West

New London