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Urdahl cares about seniors

I believe that our seniors are an invaluable asset to our society and should be given the best care, love and financial support they deserve to live their lives in comfort and dignity.

This is why I chose the field of nursing home administration for my career. One of the biggest concerns for all nursing home administrators is adequate funding from the state of Minnesota. This is so facilities can continue to offer competitive wages, benefits, proper staffing and, most important, good care to our elders. This comes at a cost.

A legislator at the state Capitol needs to know and understand that adequately funding senior care is not just a cost of government; it is the right thing to do. We made a compact with our senior citizens to take care of them, and we need individuals at the state Capitol that believe in that compact.

One of those individuals is Rep. Dean Urdahl. Urdahl's service on the task force for nursing home reimbursement and support for increases in funding to nursing homes was critical in getting new dollars for senior care. I appreciate that Urdahl recognizes that as health care services for seniors increase, a facility cannot be competitive with other health care providers when state dollars do not keep pace with increasing costs.

By being an advocate for senior citizens and supporting those of us in health care administration, Urdahl has been endorsed by two major organizations: AARP and Health Care Providers. Both organizations are senior-affiliated groups that know Urdahl is a trusted friend in the Legislature that backs up his campaign talk by actually voting on the side of senior citizens.

Urdahl has shown that as a legislator, he gets it. I will be voting for and supporting him so that he can return to St. Paul to continue the good work he has done for seniors in our area.

Andy Huhta