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Vote the Constitution ticket

So here we have it. A month before the election and the major players are desperately trying to convince us how different they are. Both senators in the presidential race voted for the Wall Street bailout scam, both senators from Minnesota of opposing parties voted in favor of it. Where's the difference?

The bailout scam severed the one thin, fraying thread of accountability still connecting the economic elite to the people it is plundering. That thread is Congress's constitutional role in appropriating funds and overseeing the executive branch personnel who spend them. To those on both sides of the isle, moral reasoning, such as it is, dictates that while it's a sin to steal a hundred dollars to feed your family, stealing $700 billion to salve the bank accounts of wealthy criminals is an act of patriotic duty. Anyone who thinks it is a good idea for the federal government to install the Treasury Secretary as our Emperor with passage of this bailout for Wall Street has no grip on reality.

As long as people keep playing the "vote for the lesser of two evils" game out of fear, we will have to endure a quasi-leader who is further and further away from Constitutional principles. If people are made to feel obliged to support one person who doesn't represent them in order to stop another who also doesn't represent them, they inevitably end up with a government that doesn't represent them. And that's where we're at folks, no matter which of the major two win the White House.

Our vote should not be wasted on someone who doesn't legitimately stand for what we believe, but should be a confirmation of conscience, the currency of our virtue. Do not let the mainstream media and political elites play you for a fool. You do have other alternatives. Do not miss the opportunity to investigate those alternatives. Constitution party candidates Chuck Baldwin for president at and James Niemackl for U.S. Senate at

Tammy Houle

Redwood Falls