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We need a sense of nationalism

All of us United States citizens are looking forward to the national election coming up on Nov. 4.

There are going to be some BIG changes for five years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq under George W's administration.

In my mind, along with all the hoopla of a national election, all 285 million of us need to develop a strong sense of nationalism. There are so many problems we have to deal with. To name all of them would take up a whole editorial page. To name only seven would be, I think, inflation (driven by energy costs), funding new schools on the back of property owners via higher taxes, the immigration mess, military sacrifices, deaths and expense, clean up after the hurricanes, the addictive drug problem, global warming and the economic meltdown.

We all need a sense of country. Work, pay, clean, pray for the United States of America so that our social fabric is rebuilt to make life less stressful for ourselves.

God bless America.

Porter Ashley