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Get educated on NLS levy vote

Asking taxpayers to support a school district levy referendum is difficult to do in the best of times. However, because of changes in the way the state funds education, there are more and more levy questions on local ballots.

Historically, levy referendums were on the ballot to allow school districts to do "added" programs/services or for building projects. This has shifted in recent years and now districts across Minnesota are going to the taxpayers to fund basic services and programs. Therefore it is not fair to assume that the levy is not needed or that there is fluff in a budget.

I encourage everyone to learn more about the issues regarding the levy before casting your vote. There are many ways of getting answers to your questions, and you should never feel bad or intimidated regarding any questions you may have about how your school district spends money or how the levy will impact your taxes.

Please take the time to check the facts and don't base your opinions on what you hear through the grapevine or on the streets. This information isn't always reliable and may be based more on others' opinions than on actual operational facts.

Please contact the New London-Spicer district office at 354-2252, ext. 2100, or e-mail, talk to a member of the KEEP committee, or go to the informational Web site at

I took time, attended an informational meeting and now feel I can support the levy. Thank you for your responsible consideration of this important issue.

Jean Spaulding