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I'm confused; maybe somebody could answer the question.

When the Republican who is running against Lyle Koenen and the Republican who announced that he was running for the vacant seat in the Benson area declared they were running, they both said that too much control has gone to the metro area. They also said we need more money for the schools, for medical benefits for the elderly and the poor, that roads need fixing, etc.

If my memory serves me correctly, those are the same things that were pushed by the Democrats last session and shot down by the Republicans or vetoed by the governor. Are these two men saying that the Republican Party was wrong last term and that the governor is a jerk only looking out for the rich and himself (like in his failed bid for the vice presidential nomination), or that they are typical Republicans that we have had for the last eight years who will say or do anything to get elected but tell the truth?

Note to our governor: If you want to be vice president, you have to learn how to skin a moose and shaft the poor and lie more than you already do. Remember all those letters you sent out in 2004 (I received one a day the last month before election) saying that Indians were second-class citizens and were not smart enough to run casinos, and the letters you sent to me every day for the last month of the 2006 election hinting at something negative about Rep. Lyle Koenen. You just will have to step up the lies if you want to be vice president.

Harlan Broers

Clara City