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Letter: Get rid of special interests

Al Juhnke says one thing, but his vote says another; sound familiar with politicians?

Seldom do you hear about his special-interest votes that defy logic when seemingly decent people are forced to vote for extreme liberal causes in order to "hold together" their coalition of fringe groups.

This year Juhnke turned down multiple attempts to remove a prohibition against the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to just discuss nuclear energy. They are apparently afraid to permit free speech, thinking it might threaten another fringe extremist group.

You know it's not hard to find people who are against almost anything, and unfortunately many become Democrats, who then must be supported by Juhnke or he's an outcast.

Can you believe they even politicize the need to modernize, improve, and expand transmission line capacity for the Willmar municipal power utility? An extremist fringe group wants to draw a line in the sand, and our power company now has to spend tax money to fight in court to run their business to serve you. Myopic politicians are not looking out for you and me, they are serving special interests, not using common sense, and in the process are doing real harm.

Get rid of these hurtful special interests. Your values need to be represented in St. Paul. Ask Bonnie Wilhelm how she would have voted for each of these things; I think you know!

David G. Herzer