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Letter: A sign of national sickness

I will be very happy when this year's presidential campaign will finally be over and I assume some others will be also.

Since my high school days I have been interested in politics and have been especially interested in all of the presidential campaigns as long as I can remember. I view the current presidential campaign as the worst presidential campaign ever!

My definition of this one is "a pathetic charade where people use flowery language and meaningless phrases and saying nothing and the media force-feeds selected, managed and biased news to the masses."

What bothers me is that if the media uses selected, managed and biased news in the political area, in what other areas is it being used? What news should I believe and what news should I not believe?

I believe that whoever gets to be president will have a difficult time in office, given the numerous problems facing this nation and the world at this time in history. Given the rampant voter fraud occurring now and if it is to be challenged, then the election outcome may be unknown for some time.

In my opinion, the current presidential campaign is a symptom of a deep division within this country, and if it continues it will be very unhealthy for the life of this great nation and as a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world.

Therefore, the people in this country must unite before and after the presidential election so that, in unison, they will effectively develop plans to solve the numerous problems facing this country and the world.

If this is not done, this nation could self-destruct from within, as history shows other nations have done. History also tells us that history repeats itself.

Neale L. Deters

Granite Falls