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Letter: We need more Christianity

We are writing in concern and disgust. We have never seen so much back-stabbing in a campaign as this one. First Hillary Clinton and now Sarah Palin. We have read and seen this daily in your paper.

Our Bible teaches us and we have taught our children not to lie, cheat or submit to fraud. If you can't win a race any other way, you shouldn't commit this type of behavior to win. Just maybe you aren't qualified to win.

Why hasn't this paper informed its readers about the donations one of the candidates has donated to the ACORN organization and what this organization is doing to people? What an example to teach our young children.

We as seniors are angry to think that we are expected to help those "I wants'' to buy a home beyond their means and no down payment, as well as all of the maxed-out credit cards. We, too, have worked three jobs to realize our dreams, which are all within our means.

We need more Christianity in this country and more honesty. God sees everything. Watch out!

Ralph and Marilyn Hoffman