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Letter: VP nomination is a disgrace

I have now lived in Alaska longer than my youthful years in Willmar and Minnesota. Sadly, the past 23 months have been with Sarah Palin as governor, recognizing her absence the past six weeks, and the occupation of the governor's office by McCain/Bush operatives as they unsuccessfully sought to stonewall the bipartisan investigation of her ethics violations.

Sarah Palin -- religious fundamentalist, advocate of abstinence only (ask her daughter) and teaching creationism, opposing abortion even in rape and incest, charging for sexual assault rape kits, apocalyptic beliefs with a messianic foreign policy, a history of less-than-upstanding family values moral lapses, and now, in the finest desperate pit-bull-designate Rove/Cheney tactics, labeling an honorable presidential candidate "traitor" and inciting death threats.

Sarah Palin, hardly a maverick -- read the record -- but secretive, vicious, and ambitious she is above all else.

Sarah Palin's nomination is a disgrace and an insult to our better and more general selves and to the most cherished values of our democratic union.

Peter O. Mjos, M.D.

Anchorage, Alaska