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Letter: Cast a vote for change

A couple bought a duplex house. After a few years the husband died. Then the wife had to reside and reroof the house. She said the person who handled it lied to her and to the banker. When it was refinanced she owed twice as much as the house originally cost.

Her renter fell down some steps at work. Because they would not pay her workman's comp, she came to owe $6,000. At that time she was asked to leave. Her son and his friend rented the house.

Then the wife found out that she had lymphoma. This cancer is not curable but can go into remission. Although she had insurance where she worked, she had to pay so much to the hospital that she was behind.

At first she figured she would die but then she went into remission. It was shortly before her time off the job, fighting to recover would have been too long and she would have lost her job.

She did go back to work but gave up on keeping the house and quit making payments.

Then her daughter with three children lost her job at Head Start because the program was shut down. She came to the house to live. Her mother already had plans to move into her sister's small house but the daughter has decided to stay there until she is kicked out. She is now working at Target for $7 an hour.

Her son graduates next spring so she is trying to stay in that school district until then.

We need to change things after the last eight years of war, and the rich getting richer and the middle class getting poor.

Please, please change the dynamics of this country by voting for Barack Obama for president.

Jeanie Thorpe