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Letter: A vote for America's survival

With little more than two weeks before the presidential election, the competition between Barack Obama and John McCain is really beginning to heat up. Some polls have Obama running slightly ahead of McCain. However, from here on in, history proves that polls can change daily.

Personally, I would like to see John McCain win. If times were better, America could take a chance of a virtually unknown candidate like Barack Obama.

In spite of the fact that Obama has a certain amount of appeal, he is short on experience. Obama talks a lot about change, but John McCain's years of experience and his solid record of making change happen, rather than simply talking about it, better qualify him to lead this country through the potentially dangerous and demanding times that may lie ahead.

McCain also brings a lifetime of experience to the political landscape. In addition, he brings about a decisive break from the Bush administration, which seems to have become somewhat of a nemesis, especially for the Democrats.

In my opinion, in spite of what you might think, George Bush has done a very good job of protecting our country from another devastating terrorist attack, similar to the one that occurred in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.

In closing, there is also the very important matter of making appointments to serve on the Supreme Court. One thing we don't need is more judges that legislate from the bench.

John McCain has vowed to appoint judges that will strictly adhere to the Constitution. This document was written by our Founding Fathers to assist us in trying to avoid some of the pitfalls that can befall a newly founded and inexperienced nation. That's why a vote for John McCain is a vote for America's survival!

Norm Baker