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Letter: Yes to levy, no to Obama

The failure of the local levy referendum will have profound impacts on our local school district, while its passing will hit local businesses and residents' pocketbooks pretty hard. The problems that our school district faces are the same challenges local businesses have. That predicament makes voting on this measure particularly challenging.

I value the education I received in our district, and would argue it is one of the best government education programs in the state. I am thankful for all the opportunities which were secured by the generosity of property owners' tax dollars.

I would hate to see us lose the many great teachers and coaches we have. The strengths of our district have most assuredly contributed to who I am; both my classroom and extra-curricular sport options were exceptional.

Nobody wants to see those things go. It comes down to what people can afford. My concern in this election is the ability of our local businesses to stay open if taxes continue to increase.

The combination of Barack Obama's tax plan and a local levy will devastate families that have large incomes on paper but struggle to make ends meet because of the immense costs of doing business.

I believe in putting communities first, so I believe that voting yes twice is important. However, in order to prevent the same problems facing our school district from hitting our community businesses, I believe that this levy must be followed up by voting no to Obama's assault on our communities and our American values.

I believe that in order to secure the most prosperous future, you all should vote yes for Willmar, and vote no for Obama. For our children and our community, please join me in telling Obama that he can keep his change, so we keep our money in this community and so our property owners can afford to vote yes.

Since I don't pay property taxes, I don't believe I should vote to raise someone's who does. The best I can do is vote no to Obama, so those impacted by the levy's costs can afford to vote yes twice.