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Why John McCain won't win

Money in some 401ks is melting away like a spring thaw. We are fighting a war on two fronts and sinking billions into a sandtrap. People are afraid to invest in the stock market. Americans are buying less and driving less.

Retail projections are dismal and showing signs of a recession. Thousands were laid off and businesses closed or downsized, victims of the housing market and high gas prices. The financial failure is becoming worldwide and President Bush had to plead for $700 billion to keep banks and mortgage companies from collapsing.

This is no time to be a Republican running for president. Although we cannot hold the Republicans totally to blame for this mess, it's hard to get past the fact that Bush didn't see this coming. Was he so busy with a war that he neglected the country?

John McCain is trying to convince voters he is the guy who can lead us back to the Promised Land, but here are some reasons that will not happen. McCain, who was beaten up by the Bush campaign in 2000, failed to become his own man. Instead he followed the Bush policies that caused this country to spiral downward. Then he began throwing mud and contradicting just about every statement he makes, which has even some Republicans wondering.

McCain then picks Sarah Palin, who is having trouble convincing people she can be vice president. Besides all the colorful speeches and mud-throwing, she is carrying baggage that threatens to sink the McCain camp. Now McCain, who himself is no stranger to trouble in regards to his relationship with Charles Keating, is using these mudslinging tactics to steer voters away from the real issues.

It's not working as well as McCain and the Republicans are hoping for, which is why McCain once again changed his strategy, calling Barack Obama a decent guy who would make a good president but on the other hand continued his character assassination of Obama.

The bottom line for McCain is clean it up or hang it up, because being a Republican in these troubled times has Americans pretty angry!

Joe Raines