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A vote for quality of life

I was pleased to read that the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Board announced its support of the proposed operating levy in the upcoming election. Most people recognize that this is not a great time to be asking for more money, so requesting the operating levy was a bold, but much needed decision by the Willmar Board of Education.

"Quality of life" is an often-used expression, but it is still helpful in defining what we hope for in a more fulfilled adulthood.

It all starts in school. However, I think that too often we take for granted the excellent academic offerings and all-inclusive sports programs that Willmar students enjoy.

I'm concerned, too, about continuing the enrichment provided by the performing arts and music programs in Willmar Public Schools. If, because of funding deficiencies, we were to lose a major quality-of-life program such as orchestra or any other music/arts program, it would be a major loss to students and the community alike.

Please vote yes on the levy questions Nov. 4.

Bill Gulbrandsen