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Nepotism in Renville County

I pose these following questions to residents and voters in the Eighth Judicial District, which includes Renville County. Is this good ethics and practice for our county officials to have the following:

1. Should we have District Court Judge Randall Slieter married to the court administrator and working in the same office or court? Why can't the court administrator use her married name, Slieter, instead of her maiden name, Stahl, or her married name from her first marriage?

2. Is it true that the father-in-law/father is County Commissioner John Stahl and his new wife has been appointed to a county position, which include the Board of Adjustments? Why and how?

3. If you review the above and nine judicials, can you find such nepotism and people in such influential and important positions, so closely related? How many more family members are associated that I don't know of? Do we really as taxpayers and voters want this to continue?

In closing, please understand, some of the positions originally were appointed or voted in, but is this really a "family affair"?

Gayle Danielson