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Letter: Casting a vote for change

I haven't seen much of an effort out of Al Juhnke's campaign and I am starting to question his dedication to the job.

There is no doubt that he enjoys the prestige of being a legislator but he has long let go of the idea that he is accountable to the residents of his district. He has been there so long that he expects to win and feels that he doesn't have to work to earn the votes of his constituents any longer.

When he was first elected I am sure that he genuinely supported the interests of his district rather than the agenda of his party, but he has been in the House for so long he has forgotten that we have the power to replace him.

When I attended the debate between Al Juhnke and Bonnie Wilhelm, what I heard from Juhnke's side of the debate was a lot of watered-down political sidestepping. When asked about the budget deficit that Minnesota is facing, he responded that you have to take budget numbers with a grain of salt.

Mr. Juhnke, there is no grain large enough to help us swallow the half-billion-dollar projected deficit that you and your allies have earned us the last two years. As voters we need to have someone that is accountable to the electorate and wants to work for us again.

When you are in the voting booth on Nov. 4, are you going to select someone that has long ago started to care only about the agenda of his party leadership, or are you going to check the box for someone that will work hard to put our interests first?

I for one am supporting Bonnie Wilhelm because we need to have a change in our representation.