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Letter: Tribune ought to be ashamed

A public thank you to Renee Getz for taking the Tribune to task (Public Forum, Oct. 17) for its disgusting detailed reporting on criminal sexual behavior. The report would have been complete without the gory details that appeared in print.

The idea of reporting too much goes beyond sex crimes, too. In reports of drug crimes, reporters seem to feel it's necessary to report what role an informant or narcotics agent plays in an investigation, virtually identifying the informant or agent, putting the lives of these good citizens at risk.

Frankly, I'm amazed there hasn't been a murder as a result of some of the Tribune's news reports.

Just because the law says that information in certain court records is public information, doesn't mean you have to report it in the newspaper. The details you go into don't even appear in such rags as Globe and National Enquirer.

You ought to be ashamed.