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Letter: GOP won't solve our problems

Although I'm not canceling my subscription, I was very disappointed when the West Central Tribune endorsed Republicans in the presidential and senatorial races.

It seems to me that intelligent people could see through the smokescreens ("Let's start a war, and tell them we can't change leadership in mid-crisis." "We already did that already." "Maybe an economic crisis?" "Might be an option ...") to realize that the party which causes a problem is not going to be the party to solve the problem.

Republican pretty much equals recession. Look at the historical record: the crash of '29 and the Great Depression, the enduring legacy of Calvin Coolidge, the recessions of 1953-54 and 1957-58 (Eisenhower), the recession of 1973-74 (Nixon), the recession of 1980-82 (Reagan), the recession of 1990-91 (Bush Sr.), the recession of 2001-02 and the depression of 2008-? (Bush Jr. -- and with the Junior, you got an expensive, destructive, pointless war in the bargain).

As I write this letter, the Dow Jones average has sunk from nearly 12,000 when Bush came into office to 8,355, taking our 401K funds with it.

Thank goodness we did not privatize Social Security into the stock market as so many Republicans urged a decade ago.

Figure it out, Minnesota, and vote your own best interests on Nov. 4. And those best interests are not McCain, Palin, Coleman, Seifert, Bachman and Co.