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Letter: An act of political compromise

Though I am not surprised at the West Central Tribune's endorsement of John McCain, I was surprised at how unenthusiastic it was. Presenting McCain's faults and Barack Obama's positive attributes in their endorsement, as they did, was fair.

The thing I take issue with is that out of an endorsement which filled a whole column, their mention of Sarah Palin consisted of 3½ lines. To quote: "In addition, his choice of Gov. Sarah Palin, who is not articulate and has ethical concerns, was disappointing." The paper gave us the mildest of reasons for her not to be president.

McCain's unpresidential-like VP pick is disappointing at the least. At the most, it's just plain nuts!

Given John McCain's age and health and Sarah Palin's lack of knowledge of almost everything but raw politics, Palin as vice president could be disastrous for this country.

The really disappointing thing in all this is that it isn't ignorance talking on the part of the West Central Tribune. It is a deliberate act of political compromise done without regard for the common good of our country. I am sorry that my local paper would so far remove themselves from common sense.