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Letter: Time to help the environment

Alec Olson (Public Forum, Oct. 15) opposes the constitutional amendment on dedicated funding for clean water because it will be a tax "in perpetuity." If passed, it will operate for 25 years, not forever.

Olson believes representative government should be responsible to "enhance" our environment. I'll repeat what I said a few weeks ago. Minnesota passed regulations in 1972 requiring cities to provide sewage treatment facilities. Now, 36 years later, nearly 100 Minnesota cities defy that act by pumping untreated sewage into our waters. How long should we wait for government to do the job?

One-third of dedicated funding will go to clean water. Hopefully these cities will apply for grants to clean up their act! Don't people know our state agencies are underfunded, plus we have a budget deficit? There isn't enough money coming in to fund even education and health care. Therefore the most unfair tax of all -- property tax -- keeps increasing while our water problems are tabled till "the future."

Anglers and hunters pay almost the entire bill for managing and protecting Minnesota's natural resources through license fees and taxes on fishing and hunting equipment.

It's time the rest of our citizens step up and help fund our surroundings, our environment, which has allowed the human race to thrive. We're all on this planet together. Please help.