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Letter: A crucial vote for the outdoors

We are just a very short time away from one of the biggest elections and longest campaigns of our lifetime. Minnesotans will face an extra decision when in the voting booth this year.

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment will ask voters to invest in our natural resources for the good of future generations. The experiences that I grew up with seem to be dwindling faster every year. I remember how beautiful and pristine the lakes were in my youth. There also seemed to be endless areas to enjoy the outdoors; the outdoors seemed to be everywhere.

In a recent study 40 percent of Minnesota lakes tested were polluted, and that includes several lakes and rivers in our region of the state; many more are threatened. A further study predicted that at the current rate of land development, one million acres of game habitat is projected to be lost in the next 25 years. The safety and accessibility of our outdoors in Minnesota is not what it was and is severely in trouble for the future.

At a cost of about $5 per person per year, this amendment stands to produce for all of us profound benefits. None of the money will go to the DNR. A special council will be established with the majority (eight of 12 members) citizens that will accept proposals. Those projects approved by that council will be reviewed by our legislative representatives. No other bureaucracy will intervene!

I believe this amendment is not only necessary but crucial to ensure the Minnesota outdoors and way of life for our children and grandchildren at really a very small cost to each of us.

This would take nearly a miracle to be created in today's environment, yet what a wonderful thing they are for all of us. You should know that a grandson of Teddy Roosevelt, Brian H. Davis, chairs an environmental protection group and strongly supports this amendment.

Please, please vote yes for the amendment. Remember, not checking the box at all is a "no" vote -- don't let that happen!

Vote yes for your grandkids!