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Letter: Juhnke's record on taxes

In Saturday's response to the letter in Friday's paper, Al Juhnke is quick to accuse others of inaccuracies and distortion of the facts in the budget issue but then leaves out some of the most important details. The very next statement that Juhnke said during the debate where he touted the half-billion-dollar surplus this budget cycle is that the money we had in surplus this cycle was going to be used to cover the projected billion-dollar deficit that we will be facing next cycle.

I am not sure if St. Paul works this way but I know that in my household and every other household in the district, if you have $100 extra this week, but owe $200 more than you are going to bring in the next week, you have a problem. One might even call it a projected deficit as it was worded in my previous letter.

Juhnke and his allies have a consistent record when it comes to correcting these budget shortfalls. They attempt to raise taxes. The DFL representation in the Minnesota Legislature attempted to pass over $10 billion in taxes this last legislative session. The responsible cuts and better use of state revenue was the result of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto forcing the DFL to find another way to balance the budget, as opposed to the tax increases that they were fighting to get passed. What we need in St. Paul is a representative that is going to take the initiative to cut spending before the governor forces them to.