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Letter: Valuing a quality education

We ask you to "Vote yes twice." We value the quality education our children have received in Willmar. Two of our children are recent college graduates and were well prepared for the demands of college by the curriculum options and the educators within the Willmar school system.

Our children have been blessed to have quality teachers and coaches who teach beyond the classroom. They have been challenged through their classes including foreign language, music, Accelerated and AP opportunities. A quality extracurricular program has encouraged them to discover and develop their gifts. We do not wish to see these opportunities or programs limited for future graduates because of a lack of community support. Please support your Willmar community. Vote yes twice.

The current economic instability impacts our household budget just like anyone else. We acknowledge that it is easier for us to vote yes twice because our two current high school students benefit from a yes vote. Voting yes to raise our own taxes in support of the levy referendum is a sacrifice but not as great a sacrifice as those who are retired and/or have no children in the school system.

Thank you to those who are willing to make that greater sacrifice. Our community and our future leaders, as well as our educational system, all benefit when we vote yes twice.