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Letter: A looming Communist threat?

In the late 1950s, and most of the 1960s, Virginia and I and our three young children lived in a community about 60 miles east of Indianapolis, Ind. I became a member of the Hagerstown Junior Chamber of Commerce and was on the Americanism Committee. Since the threat of Communism was very real at that time, we on that committee worked to inform ourselves and others about Communism. Ever since that time, I have been interested in keeping informed on Communist activity and their thinking.

I recently looked at the Web site CPUSA on the computer and found an article by Sam Webb, the national chairman of the Communist Party. The title of the article is "By A Hair," and is dated June 13, 2008. The subject of the article deals with the importance of the presidential election as it pertains to the replacement for one or more retiring justices on the Supreme Court.

Webb states that "the next president will almost surely name a replacement for one or more retiring justices on the present court. The least likely to retire are justices Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito." One more conservative judge on the Supreme Court bench will lock in for an indefinite period a majority grouping on the court that will eagerly give legal sanction to authoritarian rule -- fascist-like rule, I believe, is not too strong a word. No rights or legal precedents won in the course of centuries of unremitting struggle will be safe."

Webb closes his article by saying, "We have over 1,500 days to make the case that who sits on the courts matters and that the next president's nominees to the court will have far-reaching consequences for our country's future."