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Letter: Where are our priorities?

How about a few non-partisan comments about this year's political campaigns? The situation is almost laughable, if it wasn't so tragic. Twisted remarks, lies, you name it; we've had it this year.

The thing that surprises me the most is all the attention paid to "the last eight years." I suppose that makes President Bush responsible for everything from 9-11 to Hurricane Katrina. But wait. If the Democratic Party has all the answers, where have they been the last two years when they've been in control of Congress?

As for the to-do about the economy, didn't the "Great Society" programs of LBJ become the "Great Giveaway"? And from that time on both parties lined up to give everything to everybody -- free-spending us into the chaos we have today. There's plenty of blame to go around to both parties. But if my memory serves me correctly, the liberal faction was led by stalwarts from ultra-liberals like Ted Kennedy, and yes, Hubert Humphrey. Their battle cry was, "We can afford it."

And by the way, weren't the Democrats in control of Congress about 40 years during this time?

The philosophy of "give everything to everybody" took over our national thinking, and both sides of the aisle are guilty of jumping on the bandwagon. And Americans believed in it and lined up with their hands out. Kinda caught up with us, didn't it? But of course it's George's fault. For my money there's no such thing as a conservative any more. It's a race to see who can give away the most.

At the state level, I've had "Pawlenty" of our current governor preaching we can't raise taxes. How do you budget for gas at $4 a gallon and still plow snow on a budget that was perhaps two years old? All he's done is push higher taxes on to cities, townships, school districts, etc. And our society has had to "dumb down" education and raise more money on the local level.

Where are our priorities?

And a proposed constitutional change to raise funds for the environment and the arts! No way.