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Letter: This year's election is critical

In this presidential election people are so focused on the economy that several other issues are being overlooked. First, the Freedom of Choice Act. This would provide for unlimited right to abortion. The ban on partial-birth abortion would be eliminated and a woman could "choose" to kill her child any time from conception to the moment of birth with no restrictions.

A second looming issue is the definition of marriage -- one man, one woman; or two men, two women; one man, several women. The result of this open-minded tolerance in other parts of the world has been hate speech legislation where pastors have gone to jail for hate speech when they declared or even just read parts of the Bible to their congregations -- see Romans Chapter 1.

A third issue is the fairness doctrine which would mandate that the media would have to give equal time to all sides of any controversial issue. Sounds fair, but today a controversial issue might be whether Jesus is Lord. Imagine a one-half hour Christian TV program where half the time would be given to a preacher who says yes and half the time to an atheist who says no.

The fairness doctrine is designed to eliminate talk radio but the implications are much broader. The Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives has said that passing the fairness doctrine will be the first item of business when they convene after the election.

Sen. Barack Obama supports all of these measures while Sen. John McCain opposes them. The next president will likely appoint one to three Supreme Court justices in the next few years and all of these issues will come up. Each candidate will choose judges who support their world view.

I believe this is the most important presidential election in my lifetime (60-plus years) and there is far more for voters to consider than just the economy.