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Letter: Why to vote for Democrats

I was in the Clara City Post office last week looking at my political junk mail when I said out loud, "According to this flyer my dad went to hell because he voted straight Democrat since the Depression," (he was born in 1910), and a friend from town said, "When I was old enough to vote my dad asked if I was going to vote and he told his dad, 'I don't know who to vote for' and his dad told him God says to help the poor and if you believe in God vote Democrat, and I have voted Democrat ever since."

I started thinking about that and it is very true as my dad also believed that. He also believed that a woman had the right to vote, to work for equal pay and to choose how she wanted to live. I believe now that means it's her decision to have an abortion or not.

God said give unto Caesar that which was Caesar's; translated, this means the church should stay out of politics. This has led me to believe that the Republican Party of today, which calls itself the right-wing religious party, does not believe in God but in the golden calf. They and the Muslims are very similar as they both will tell any type of lie to reach their goal.

Barack Obama will probably lose not because he isn't the best man for the job (which he clearly is) but because he is a man that is half black and the U.S. has not changed its views since they tried to murder every Indian (they call it ethnic cleansing today).

Also somebody should tell the Republicans that dressing up Sarah Palin to look like Liz Taylor doesn't make her any more qualified to be president, but she does look better dropping hockey pucks and making racial slurs about Obama typical of anyone that is a Republican. She sounds like Bonnie Wilhelm with her nonsense rambling. I am a Hillary Clinton fan.