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Letter: The top qualified candidate

Mike Bredeck is the most qualified candidate to represent District 20A's interest as state representative. Having graduated from Appleton High School, where I wrestled, I had the opportunity to watch and learn from Mike Bredeck.

From personal experience, I can tell you he is a competitor. His wrestling teams were always at the top of their game, disciplined and dedicated. Yet, the most important factor was Mike Bredeck's sportsmanship and desire to make students excel, individually and as a team, and that is what set him apart from other coaches.

And those characteristics set him apart as the best candidate to represent District 20A. Mike Bredeck is dedicated to his students, his team and his community. His experiences of being an educator, coach, and mentor will allow him to work with all individuals in the state for the betterment of western Minnesota. Mike Bredeck is committed to this area and will earn the respect of his colleagues in short fashion, just as he earned my respect as a coach some 28 years ago.

Given his wealth and years of real life experiences, Mike Bredeck will be able to effectively represent the interests of District 20A. I encourage you to vote for Mike Bredeck on Nov. 4.