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Letter: The power of the vote

Americans! Don't be lazy!

Never before has an election meant more to the future of our great country.

We face both domestic and world crises -- worse than even the Great Depression. Don't sit back and assume others will decide your future -- get out and vote! If you cannot obtain transportation to the booths, call a relative, friend, or neighbor. We all must get involved. People have fought and died for this important right that few countries enjoy -- our right to vote. Our right to decide who leads us. Our right to decide who taxes us. Our right to decide who speaks our beliefs. Our right to maintain our freedom.

When voting it becomes a personal, patriotic, and fulfilling act of being an American. Americans take for granted the power of a vote. All too often special interests and the media have you believe the average American Joe doesn't matter. That the educated and more influential people are better able to decide than you or me.

Our forefathers knew better when they wrote the Constitution. They knew what could happen if government became too large and dictated its belief unto the people. We need less government and more Americans involved. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We have the right to decide how we are governed. Exercise that right! Research the candidates! Examine their credentials, experience, leadership, character, and voting records.

When you place that "X" in the box, you have made an informed decision -- you have determined what is best for America. You have shown what makes America the greatest country on Earth -- the power of a vote.