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Letter: Pay it forward by voting yes

We are writing to support the school levy referendum. We will vote yes twice. We do this after careful thought and consideration. In a time of economic uncertainty when many things are out of our control, we have the ability to maintain a good school system. When economic factors are working against all communities, maintaining a strong public school is one way to build up and sustain a vital Willmar.

Schools are not just about children, but about the welfare of the whole community. A good public school makes a community attractive for recruiting new residents, thus supporting home values, as well as building and sustaining a vital Willmar. From a longer-term perspective, we all rely on the education of children today to serve as the basis for an educated work force tomorrow. Today's children will support the Social Security of tomorrow. In a time of global competition, if we are to sustain our common well-being, we must support a strong public education.

The Willmar schools have provided a strong education for each of our children. We have appreciated the early childhood programs, special education, music, sports, and the faithful, creative efforts of teachers day in and day out. All have made a difference in preparing our kids for success in life. We give high marks of praise for the teachers, principals and administrators at all levels. All this has been possible because others before us voted yes to support the Willmar Public Schools. We are grateful for their support and believe it is our turn to support the school for the sake of the children and families who follow. It is about playing fair. Our children have benefited from the good of others, now it is our turn to pay it forward by voting yes twice.