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Letter: McCain's erratic behavior

In August of 1964, I was in the Combat Information Center of a destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. Supposedly, the ships in the area were attacked by North Vietnam boats. History has since proven that false. Anyway, that night the U.S. bombing started, costing us 58,000 soldiers in an unwarranted war.

I contend that's where John McCain got his "Bomb, bomb, bomb North Vietnam," which he later changed to "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." I often wonder how many innocents his collateral bombing killed and how many other countries he wants to bomb.

He was shot down and spent 5 ½ years in a POW camp. I empathize with what his maltreatment was, but had his dad not been an admiral, his North Vietnam care would not have kept him alive. Furthermore, the intense war protests shortened the war, and that also helped him come out alive.

Cindy McCain is suddenly on the stump worried about her son who is now in Iraq. Cindy, not to worry, he'll be kept out of harm's way; that's one of the perks about having rich and famous parents. Cindy, what about the 4,000-plus who came back in caskets or who were severely wounded and now can't get the proper care or disability payments? This all for an unwarranted war.

Now McCain is 72 years old. I contend he is closer to 80 due to his 5 ½ year captivity. I've spoken to other seniors, and they all indicate their mental and physical being is not the same as when they were much younger. As I watch McCain in his debates and speeches, I have serious concerns about his erratic actions and speech.

Mr. McCain, I could have supported you in the past, but I cannot support your erratic behavior for the future -- for example, your choice of vice president. I cannot take the chance of you continuing any or some of the policies of the past eight years and neither can America.