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Letter: A growing trade imbalance

Made in China. Made in China. Made in China. While making my daily stroll in the Kandi Mall, I noticed the busy-bee preparation for the grand opening of a local business enterprise. I made a quick assessment of the 500 or so boxes loaded with merchandise ready for the new display shelves. Every box had the same logo, "made in China." I asked a young employee if she had seen anything printed with "made in the USA" logo and she replied, "I don't think so."

Our horrendous imbalance of trade with China is rapidly destroying our once-beautiful democracy, and I consider this to be our worst problem. It seems China is using this unfair trade imbalance to buy our mining and lumber companies and before long, if we want to build a house or a boat we'll have to buy the raw material from China.

I hope our next president will recognize this eminent danger and reward our manufacturing companies with special tax breaks and slap necessary embargoes on Chinese imports.

I recall historical documentation of when the Central and Union railroad companies were building our first transcontinental railroad across the entire country. It seems the old cliché, "He hasn't got a Chinaman's chance," began while blasting through the mountains. If we don't remedy this problem in the near future, the cliché might be changed to read, "He hasn't got an American's chance."