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Letter: Vote down the amendment

On Nov. 4 the voters of Minnesota will be asked to vote on an amendment called the clean water, land, and legacy amendment.

Proponents of the bill are asking us to vote yes, insinuating that if I vote no that I am for dirty water. In fact the pamphlet I received in the mail today said that if I don't vote yes my outdoor memories will be gone forever. Hmmm. This whole initiative sounds like a plea for a constant and steady source of money to promote an unnecessary political agenda.

But, there is something more disturbing than that. It appears to show that our legislators have no spine. We elect them to use their best judgment to decide during each session where our sales tax revenue should go. But this one is just too hard so they sugar-coat and scare-tactic the people into voting themselves a tax increase.

Then for the next 25 years they won't have to deal with this. What a lack of leadership! Do these people not understand the concept of a representative government? Personally I have never heard of a 25-year constitutional amendment.

Using the same mindset, let's add 1 percent for people with special needs to our sales tax. Two percent more for those unable to pay medical bills might be nice and I am sure the elderly would like a percent or two for nursing home care. We could do all kinds of so-called good without the need of legislators at all. Get the picture?

Therefore, I hope you will vote no to this pork-loaded, deviously worded, unnecessary amendment. Minnesota will be just fine without this amendment. For such a time as this, we do not need to burden ourselves with a virtually permanent tax increase. Depending on who gets elected nationally, taxes on everyone may increase dramatically to promote a socialistic agenda, hampering economic growth even more. A few national leaders are already having meetings salivating over the idea of sharing our income. Again, I ask you to please vote no on this amendment.