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Letter: Reasons to vote no Obama

I can think of many moral reasons to not vote for Barack Obama. He has palled around with terrorists despite what you want to believe. He votes "present" instead of taking a stand on issues. He might not even have been born in this country. He won't release his records. He believes that babies that survive an abortion attempt should be left alone in a room to die (he has voted four times to keep partial birth abortion legal) and he also wants to help legalize homosexual marriage. To me, any one of these is a good reason to not let him run this country.

There is another good reason that I hope people will consider when going to the polls. I personally have seven ideas, so far, that I would like to invent and patent. Some of these are luxury ideas, but a couple of them are medical devices. Of these ideas, all of them, I believe, will either be able to make life better for many people or may even be able to save thousands of lives per year.

Under current tax laws, I am encouraged to start my own business or some type of venture to make as much money as I am able and to employ lots of people to make these ideas. I am free to give my money to those who are unfortunate as I choose. However, with Obama at the helm, if I make too much money (even while saving people's lives) I could give up to 50 percent of my income to taxes to redistribute among people who did not come up with these ideas or any of their own. Instead, these people are being rewarded for not doing anything on their own to earn their own success. As many as 80 percent of the millionaires in America are first generation, meaning they went out and earned it themselves. With Obama as commander in chief, how would this still be the land of opportunity?