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Letter: Don't let our kids lose

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, Willmar area residents will have the opportunity to vote yes twice for the Willmar school levy referendum. As a Willmar resident and graduate of Willmar High School, I encourage everyone to do just that -- vote yes twice.

Over 14 years ago, I chose to return to this great community to continue on a family business as a fifth-generation business owner and to raise my family. Our children need, now more than ever, the same great educational opportunities that I (Willmar High School class of '88), my father, Rolf (Willmar High School class of '58) and my grandfather, Ralph (Willmar High School class of '31) received: small class sizes, quality teachers, music, art, computer classes, athletic programs and advance placement courses.

In order for our children to have these opportunities, this education referendum needs to be passed. Do not let this funding opportunity go to waste. Our children are the future. The quality of our schools and education system is priceless. Therefore I urge you to join me and vote yes twice!