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Letter: Falk will represent us well

I take this opportunity to affirm my support for Andrew Falk for District 20A state representative. In these final days we are all subjected to the special-interest "free speech" groups in essence stealing the messages of candidates on all sides. How I wish we could separate the free speech concept from the hand grenade concept so prevalent in today's election campaigns.

I have personally known the Falks for over 50 years and know the family to be passionate in their work habits and compassionate in their comings and goings. Andrew was raised in this environment and reflects and emits the earnest caring and concern for the common good. An endorsement should never diminish the fine qualities of other candidates. It should, however, be an affirmation of who you believe to be the best candidate. No hand grenades, just a hand up to a fine young man who will represent us well, Andrew Falk.