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Letter: A far cry from the Gospel

Right now John McCain is denouncing "Share the wealth" and crowds of conservative Christians boo loudly in approval. Any such compassionate sharing of our worldly good is considered atheistic Communism to their peculiar way of thinking.

It sounds suspiciously Christian to me and to anyone else who has ever read the New Testament.

How quickly their disdain for sharing the wealth would diminish if Jesus of Nazareth should suddenly appear in their midst. It is to be hoped that his message of ministry to the poor and help for the destitute would abruptly end their self-serving political stance that is in reality a philosophy of rugged individualism, dog eat dog, and the devil take the hindmost based on a Darwinian concept of economics.

They don't accept Darwin's theory of evolution, but they glory in the application of his theory of the survival of the fittest -- at least as it applies to their accumulated worldly wealth.

Conservative Christians of all stripes need to hear the voice of their shepherd once more if they claim to be sheep of his pasture and not wolves in sheep's clothing. They continue to give their allegiance to politicians who favor the rich against the poor only to lay up for themselves treasures on earth.

That is a far cry from the Christian Gospel. Isn't it symptomatic that what Jesus had to say about the rich and the poor has never been popular table talk at Republican convocations?