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Letter: Vote to support our students

Not often does an opportunity come around when we can support our school district in such a tangible way. We are looking forward to voting yes twice on Nov. 4.

Our four children have all profited in countless ways from the education they have received at the Willmar High School. They have reaped the benefits of the excellence offered them in academics, arts and athletics.

Our three college-age kids have said that the AP classes they took were excellent preparation for the rigorous college courses they are taking now. They have also mentioned that the coaches they had the privilege of playing for in high school provided them with excellent training as they participate in athletics on a college level now.

Our youngest son is a junior and has also seen great benefits available to him in this school district. Just this year, he has had the opportunity to participate on the varsity soccer team that recently made it to state, as well as play in an All-Conference jazz band.

We were proud when we saw how well the Willmar students represented our community at each of these events this year. These opportunities we know would be at risk without the support of our community. We have appreciated the teachers, administration, and board members as they work together to provide our children with a well-rounded education. Please join us in voting yes twice in November. Thank you for supporting our students.