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Letter: Don't fall for political lies

I am concerned about the negative ads against Al Juhnke. I was at a meeting with Claire, his wife, when their daughter called. She and her friends had been listening to a local radio station when one of those negative ads came on. Her friends told her that they would not vote for her dad because of the ad. Claire assured her daughter that the details in the ad were not true.

I don't know which ad it was, but I wanted to stress that Al Juhnke does represent us well. I remember e-mailing him about the white lines. Remember when a budget cut was going to eliminate those fog lines?

Also, at one point, the foster grandparent program was cut to save money. Again, I e-mailed.

In both cases, he reported back to me that he supported those issues and worked to get changes made in the budget.

He has voted for so many positive bills: health care reform to give access to more Minnesotans; senior programs helping people stay in their homes longer; the Property Tax Refund program, which gives direct tax relief to homeowners; and education -- $51 per pupil increase and house bill HF5 (which he coauthored) to increase funding for three early childhood programs.

I am afraid that people do not realize that political ads are not governed by the FCC. An article from the Web site gives examples of court cases involving political ads, including one in Minnesota.

The point of the letter is that it seems to be lawful to lie to the public in ads. WCCO exposes lies on "Reality Check" in national races. That source is unbiased but does not cover local ads.

Sources such as the Minnesota Taxpayers League are biased toward Republicans.

I hope that people here realize that Al Juhnke does vote for families and taxpayers. To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are different kinds of liars, the regular ones and the statisticians. Support someone with the proven experience of listening to people here in his district.