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Letter: The story on Juhnke

Recent political ads can indeed be misleading. For some education, there are facts to be understood. First, Rep. Al Juhnke is not the Chairman of the House Agriculture and Veterans Affairs Committee, he is the Chairman of a subcommittee of the House Finance Committee that deals with agriculture, rural economics and veteran affairs finance. The chairman of the House Agriculture, Rural Economics and Veteran Affair Policy Committee is a woman, Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba. The subcommittee on Agriculture and Veterans Finance deals with only about 0.8 percent of the entire state budget.

Biodiesel holds promise for farmers but so do many other necessary uses of soy. The biodiesel mandates are not well received by many truckers who know that biodiesel grows contaminating micro-organisms that have additional cost to their business.

Juhnke opposed seeking school equity funding, voting against leveling the disparity between Minneapolis, which receives $18,000 per student versus an average of $8,500 for rural schools. Thus, his "reforming and improving our schools" with "additional money" has not eliminated the need for school districts to seek operating levy referendums. Your child that is now graduating from high school was starting first grade when he started his career in politics; where is the reform in the last 12 years?

The "major health care reform bill" really only makes minor changes to the health care delivery system. So where does the "11-14 percent decrease in health care costs" come from? He will likely give some political double-talk answer, or a half-truth like for nursing homes. Area nursing home employees did received about a 1 percent increase, but what he didn't say is that the legislative budget was increased by 17.8 percent.

So if your legislator is touting what he has done, he ought to tell you the rest of the story. Whose interests is he really looking out for?

Editor's note: The writer is the husband of Bonnie Wilhelm, the Republican candidate in District 13B..