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Letter: One writer's election picks

My election picks:

For president: Barack Obama. He has been endorsed by Colin Powell, former Persian Gulf War general and secretary of state. He has been endorsed by Warren Buffet, perhaps the smartest money man in the country.

You can see in the quality of pick for vice president, Joe Biden, Obama's ability to pick good people. (Joe Biden was my first pick for president.)

For United States senator: Al Franken. I didn't know what to make of Franken until I met him and heard him speak. You can tell a lot about a person by who they marry, and I was very impressed by Mrs. Franken. He has been married to her for many years, and she is not just another cute bimbo.

For United States House of Representatives: Collin Peterson. Peterson is head of the House Agriculture Committee and he has a great deal of respect from all members of that committee. I don't even know who is running against him this time.

For state representative: Al Juhnke. Again, Juhnke has a lot of experience and seniority; it would be a shame to lose this to someone who has none of either.

City Council: Tim Johnson, for his ward. I agree with Steve Gardner on the housing project, but Johnson has a good grasp of city issues. He also has a fine mind.

Jim Dokken, for his ward. I have known him for many years. We agree on some issues, disagree on others, but at least I always know that he does what he thinks is right. I also know his opponent, Sue Hunnicutt. She is a fine person and this is her first exposure to elective politics.

The referendum and amendment: It is important that we continue have a good school system. See the letters to the editor. Willmar has produced some great people. Part of the reason is that it has had a great school system. I know that money is not everything, but it can be helpful. It would also be helpful to pass the arts and sports amendment.